To All Clients and Social media Users:

There has been a viral video circulating on Tik Tok and other social media regarding Central Valley Veterinary Hospital “CVVH” and one of our doctors posted on Tik Tok. This video depicts a twisted narrative of events in which one of our doctor’s reacted in response to Tik Tok user’s appalling and disgusting comments regarding his father whose funeral was a day before the confrontation in the video. Link to the funeral home

Tik Tok user arrived at our hospital with her dog, as an emergency with severe vomiting and diarrhea. Despite our full schedule, the doctor decided to come into the hospital on his day off from personal leave to accommodate her dog since she claimed her original veterinarian had turned her away. Severe vomiting and diarrhea are common symptoms of a highly lethal disease amongst dogs called parvovirus, something which can easily be avoided by vaccinating your pets. Our staff and doctor immediately took her dog in to run a parvovirus test and some blood work. The parvovirus test came back negative, and the Tik Tok user was communicated this information; however, the doctor was not convinced based on the blood work and symptoms. Our staff placed her dog on fluids in the meantime and ran a complimentary second test free of charge, which had comeback positive. False negatives, although uncommon, do occur. Our staff took the initiative to run another test so treatment could begin as soon as possible and to protect other puppies who are too young to be vaccinated. At this point, the Tik Tok user was contacted regarding her dog’s positive status. While waiting for the results, our doctor went to PL & Frey Sons funeral home to collect his father’s remains. At this point, Tik Tok user forcefully entered our premises treatment and restricted area for surgeries and started cursing at our staff for not having diagnosed the condition earlier while other doctors were performing procedures in the area. The Tik Tok user attempted to drag her dog out of the cage and try to walk her dog through exam room and reception area, which is strictly prohibited for the safety of other puppies in reception who are not vaccinated. Our Doctor and the Vet Assistants politely asked her to leave the area and told her that her pet will be brought by technician wearing a protective gear since parvo is contagious disease and very difficult to remove from the environment. However, she continued to verbally abuse and attack the staff and put our other patients in the lobby at risk. She demanded to speak with our doctor, at which point he came back from the funeral home to de-escalate the situation. The Tik Tok user became increasingly aggressive and refused to leave the premises even after being assured her dog would be treated and explaining how false negatives occur like a negative COVID-19 test. The doctor explained that he was not present while the tests were running due to his family situation. At this point the Tik Tok user spoke horrendously of his recently deceased father, at which point our doctor who was already in a vulnerable state, reacted as he did and used more harsh language to protect the interest of his clients and their dogs. At this time, the Tik Tok user was asked to leave the premises immediately. Regardless of her erratic and disrespectful behavior, our staff still provided the treatment for the sake of her dog, who holds no fault in this situation. Her dog is still alive and recovering from this lethal virus due to the efforts of our staff and doctor. Tik Tok user still has not paid for the medication we sent home to save her pet and has made multiple efforts to slander our hospital with regards to cost of treatment. The cost of $433.00 she was charged was for the emergency visit fee, the single parvovirus test, the blood tests (CBC/Comprehensive Chemistry panel), treatment and medication to go home. In the veterinary medical profession, the #NotOneMoreVet movement aims to support veterinarians and vet staff with their diminishing mental health and dealing with situations where they are berated by clients such as Tik Tok user for their perceived incompetence and cost of veterinary care. In this case, Tik Tok user took this video entirely out of context and created a false narrative on social media for her own personal gain. We request the public not to judge our hospital based on this single incident and read the following statement from our doctor:

“I sincerely apologize for the inappropriate language I had used in the circulating video. This situation should have been handled much more professionally and should have been done so by another member of staff considering I was not in the right emotional state to be handling this client. I was disturbed by her distasteful comments regarding my father, as well as concerned for the well-being of my patients and their exposure to parvovirus. We took her in as an emergency because we value provision of urgent care to all animals. This behavior is not representative of myself our hospital and we pride ourselves on the utmost care of our patients.”